Tiina Osara is a Finnish Visual Artist and Actionpainter.

She is known both for her large-scale abstract,

colourful and multilayered paintings, and photo- and



Her special arena is performing live in classical

concerts, where Osara transfers her musical

impressions in real time to the canvas, in front of the



Classical music is currently her main subject for

painting. Having a degree in Physiotherapy helped

Osara to understand both the meaning of motion and

the kinestetic sense as tools of expression. This also

led to the large scale of her paintings, which liberates

her work towards more holistic and physical



Osara studied Fine Arts in Art School Maa

participating in their Professional program from 1993

to 1996, graduated as Bachelor of Visual Arts from

her studies between 2006 to 2008, and specialised in

Photography Art from 2009 to 2010 in Tampere

University of Applied Sciences.


Osara has held both private exhibitions, and

participated in group exhibitions, both in Finland and

elsewhere in Europe, since 1996.

Tiina Osara has lived and worked in France since 2013.