Artist statement        

The music flowing into our conscious alters our inner world, our inner world changes, changes also the external world, the world's reality.

The music advances and grows nearer, rolling over us or leaving us, us reaching towards it or escaping from it, we try to be one with the music. This is the emotion that Tiina Osara is reaching for. She creates a bridge, tensions between experiencing the music, and experiencing the colours and shapes. She is always ready to start anew, and to question the already observed.

 When Osara is working, the rational knowledge transforms into physical and sensory experience. The intuitive fast pace in the beginning develops along with physical knowledge and as the action of the process creates its rhythm. The painting process is in a constantly altering state, being at the same time both open space and restricted through the timing of the music, and surprises are not only unavoidable but allowed and welcome.

Actionpainting works of Osara are born under restrictive conditions of the situation. The limitations are created by the place of concert and the length of music. Artist reaches a balance when the chaos and the harmony meet.

In the art of Tiina Osara, different techniques are tools that can work in unison or separately, lifting the impression in a visible form, and creating new meanings and ideas, both conscious and unconscious. Osara alters and combines different forms of expression constantly, based on emotions and the changing experiences growing from within, to gain more.